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Understanding Parenthood and Children


Grand Families Support Groups

Court Approved Parenting and Co-parenting classes

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Children deserve to be raised in a healthy, happy, loving environment, to develop to their full potential. With our help , Parents/Tutors/Grand Parents will learn how to raise a child that is healthy ,happy, confident ,respectful ,cooperative , responsible and independent.


Meet Maty Feldman-Bicas

Maty has been a Parent Educator since 2001 in San Diego, working with different groups and ethnicities and military families

She has worked extensively with parents facing separation or divorce. 

She is trained in:

  •  STEP program(Systematic Training for Effective Parenting )all levels (0-5, 6-12 and adolescents)
  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Levels 2,3, 4 and Pathways.
  • Parents on a Mission
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

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*She Graduated with a Bachelor degree From the Escuela Normal de Especializacion , the government school to become a Learning Disabilities Teacher in Mexico City.

 *Post Graduate Degree : A 3 year :  Educational Therapy for children and teenagers with learning disabilities at the Universidad Iberoamericana , Mexico City campus. This was a Special program from the Marianne Frostig Center for Special Children from L.A. CA (1973 to 1975).

*Before becoming a parent educator she worked from 1975 to 1999 with children with learning disabilities, their school teachers and parents :

*Founded The Cintly Montessori School , where besides having the regular Montessori Curriculum , the children in need of Educational Therapy , would receive it at school. The school is still in operation in Mexico City.

*Founded Centro Educacional Tanesque in Mexico City , a non profit , that offered a wrap around service to children with learning and emotional disadvantages , and who could not pay for the services. Still in operation in Mexico City.

*She Moved to San Diego Ca. 1n 1999.

*In 2002, served as a volunteer in a Literacy program helping Latino children to transition from reading Spanish to reading  English  in San Diego County , a program through AmeriCorps National Service

*Worked for  Jewish Family Services  as a Certified Parent Educator from May 1st 2001 to June 30th 2012, when she retired.

*Founded Assertive Family Solutions in 2013 for Parenting and Co-Parenting classes.

*In January 2016 Created the program ONE FOR EACH OTHER, Grand Families support groups, while still engaged in Parenting and Co-Parenting classes, which are now Court Approved. 

* Assertive Family Solutions applied to become a 501C3 , already received the California Tax Exemption Status and is now waiting for the  Federal document that endorses it.

All services can be rendered either in English or Spanish.

These are programs developed by Assertive Family Solutions

Maty Feldman-Bicas


Certified Parent Educator

Certified Peer Support Partner

Special Education Teacher from Escuela Normal de Educacion in Mexico City. 

And a Masters degree from Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Mexico City.

San Diego California USA

Phone: 619 787 0807

Fax: 619 568 3130

[email protected]